Are portions of your lawn like walking on a wet / muddy sponge? Are there areas of you yard that just never dry out and won’t grow a healthy lawn? Drainage Masters has developed effective techniques for making your lawn and yard as useful and attractive as possible.

Wet and soggy lawns are a challenge! Drainage Masters can meet those challenges with strategic installations of french drains and if needed, installation of our exclusive ‘layered yard’ drainage system for the worst of cases.

Wet, soggy yards are common in the Pacific Northwest, the major factors contributing to soggy yards are the combination of abundant rain and predominately clay soils. The upper sod layer of the yard becomes super saturated because the amount of rainfall exceeds the rate of infiltration. Clay soils do absorb water, but at a very slow rate. Other conditions that may be occurring in your yard are seeps or springs from slopes above. Shaded areas are also more difficult to maintain a healthy lawn.

Drainage Masters can improve any drainage circumstance with proven methods and quality installation. We install our projects to be effective and to last.
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Soggy Clay Yard Before - Yard  in Vancouver, WA
Neat and Cleaner Yard - Yard  in Vancouver, WA
Muddy yard - Yard in Vancouver, WA


Dry wells are vertical infiltration systems to which roof or parking lot runoff is directed. Formal dry wells consist of excavations to an appropriate depth and width in which concrete dry well rings are installed. Dry well rings are concrete rings of varying diameters and heights that have perforation or holes to allow water to pass through to the surrounding soils. Water is routed to a dry well through pipes from downspouts or catch basins. The size of a dry well, like all infiltration systems, is determined by collection area and soil infiltration rates.

In the Portland Metro area, soil conditions vary considerably. Some areas are appropriate for dry wells and some are not. Generally speaking, most of NE and North Portland are appropriate for dry wells, as is souther Clark County. Some other locations can use dry wells or other (link) infiltration systems, but may require larger sizing.

Dry wells themselves are constructed by excavating a pit or hole to the appropriate depth. The hole is then lined with filter fabric to prevent migration of soil into the dry well. The dry well rings are then set in place. You could have 2 4′ diameter rings 4′ tall stacked on top of each other. A lid is placed on top of the rings, the pipe is routed into the dry well and drain rock is placed between the filter fabric and the outside of the dry well rings. The top of the dry well is typically 2′ or so below ground level. Soil is then backfilled over the dry well. Dry wells, (except in public streets) typically do not have access.

Drainage Masters can evaluate your drainage and soil conditions and design a system appropriate to you particular location. Call your local office or e-mail us at management@drainagemasters.com to arrange an appointment for a free evaluation and estimate.
Dry well with catch Basin - Dry well in Vancouver, WA
Dry well  - Wells  in Vancouver, WA


Rain gardens can be an effective and environmentally friendly method of managing roof runoff or other storm water on your site. Rain gardens are landscaped depressed areas that allow infiltration of rain water into the soil. They may form temporary ponds during heavy rains, but their primary function is to allow water to infiltrate into the soil. Rain gardens as constructed by Drainage Masters are generally 12″ – 18″ deep and are sized according to roof runoff areal and soil infiltration rates. Some jurisdictions have developed their own specifications for Rain garden designs.

A Rain garden can be constructed in any shape depending on available space. Rain gardens are generally planted with plants that are water friendly, especially in the bottom of the Rain garden, where the most frequent ponding occurs. Some jurisdictions provide plant lists of preferred plants. Some Swale seed mixes containing Rushes, Sedges, Bullrushes and the like are available. Rain gardens can be an effective, attractive and environmentally friendly way of maintaining your storm water.
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Rain Garden with water - Rain Garden  in Vancouver, WA
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Like all drainage problems each basement is unique. Does water come in through cracks in the wall? Is it seeping through the concrete itself? Is it coming from the seam at the floor slab or cracks in the floor? Each basement problem must be individually diagnosed.

Water entering basements can come from many possible sources, including but not limited to; broken rain drains, clogged drain systems, overflowing gutters, slope towards foundation, groundwater, and even rainwater hitting the wall of the house.

If you have water entering the basement, call Drainage Masters for an appointment. We will professionally evaluate your drainage problem. We can usually determine the source of the water and we can always find an effective solution to eliminate or control the problem. If viable alternatives exist we will provide those as well. The answer may be a deep foundation drain on the outside of the foundation wall. Sometimes the problem can be resolved closer to the surface with a shallower French drain and impervious liner system to capture and control runoff. Such a system can be an attractive landscape feature as well.

Outside footing drains can often be the most effective approach because they capture the water before it enters the basement. Outside drains can also be the most costly because of the difficulty of deep excavations, obstructions and material costs.

If it is not feasible or cost effective to install an outside drainage system then a drainage solution inside the basement may be necessary. An inside drain system might be a perimeter french drain to capture water entering under the footing. In circumstances where the water is migrating or originating under the floor slab, the entire floor can be removed and a drainage system constructed under a new slab.

Drainage Masters can provide you with the most effective solutions at the most reasonable costs. Contact us today to arrange an appointment for your free estimate.
Basement Drain System - Basements in Vancouver, WA
After floor Drainage system installed - Basements in Vancouver, WA
Basement Drain System - Basements in Vancouver, WA
Basement Drain System with Pump - Basements in Vancouver, WA


If you have discovered water or suspect that there my be water or excess moisture in your crawl space, then call Drainage Masters for an appointment to examine the conditions in your crawl space. You will receive a timely and professional evaluation of the drainage conditions in your crawl space and a FREE ESTIMATE for any corrections that may be necessary.

Standing water and excessive moisture in the crawl space can result in several potential problems including mold, dry rot, warping of floors, soggy ductwork and settlement of structures. Crawl space, basement and other drainage issues can affect home sales.

Drainage Masters has developed effective crawl space drainage systems that are guaranteed to correct the problem and protect your home. Our crawl space drainage systems are designed to intercept any water intrusion and convey the water to an appropriate disposal system such as a low point drain or sump pump.
We prefer to utilize trouble free gravity flow systems to route the water out of the crawl space when feasible. Many homes already have low point drains installed.

Sometimes the low point drain is installed too high to effectively drain the crawl space. The improperly installed low point drain can be lowered or re-installed at the proper level. When a low point drain is not feasible, Drainage Masters installs quality sump pump systems and can include optional pump alarms and battery back-up pumps.
Crawl Space Drain - Crawl Space in Vancouver, WA
Crawl Space mold - Crawl Space in Vancouver, WA
Crawl Space Finished - Crawl Space in Vancouver, WA
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  • Seal Seams of vapor barrier
  • Remove and replace damaged posts
  • Remove wood and other debris
  • Suspend ductwork
  • Repair insulation
  • Install pump alarm
  • Install new sump pump
  • Install battery back-up pump
  • Install new low point drain
  • Remove and replace vapor barrier


French drains are collectors of ground and surface water. French drains can take somewhat different forms but generally consist of a trench with a perforated drain pipe surrounded by a porous medium such as drain rock and filter fabric or sand. The width, depth, configuration and location are all determined by each unique drainage circumstance.

If your drainage problem is groundwater seepage from the slope behind the house, a soggy lawn, surface runoff from uphill, water in the crawl space, a small lake, you name it, Drainage Masters can install a french drain that will solve your drainage problem.

Our french drains are designed and installed to last a long time and perform their functions for many years. If properly maintained and protected they will last for decades. If our french drain fails due to extreme conditions its design and installation allow for easier reconditioning.

Our french drains can also serve multiple functions and look nice too. A gravel path, a patio border, or a landscape accent can all be french drains in disguise. Or, they can be more utilitarian, or hidden under the lawn or bark dust. Whatever the application, Drainage Masters can manage it.

French drains can sometimes be referred to by other names such as curtain drains or footing drains, each of which has its own subtleties. They are all french drains.

Call Drainage Masters for an appointment and a free estimate or a paid consultation if you want to do the work yourself but need professional guidance.

Our knowledgeable staff can evaluate your problem quickly and recommend an effective solution and feasible alternative approaches. Our skilled Project Manager and crew will install your project quickly and with a minimum of disruption.

We make every effort to restore your landscape as close to original condition as possible.
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Impervious liner with french Drain and walk after - French Drain in Vancouver, WA
River rock French Drain - French Drain in Vancouver, WA
Walk with french Drain - French Drain in Vancouver, WA
Drain Rock - French Drain in Vancouver, WA
Walk Before - French Drain in Vancouver, WA
Impervious liner with French Drain - French Drain in Vancouver, WA
Retaining Wall French Drain - French Drain in Vancouver, WA


Roof drains, as defined by Drainage Masters, are the pipes that start at the downspout and convey water from the roof to some other location. Most houses and commercial buildings have roof drain systems. Some do not and the downspout may instead discharge roof runoff to a splash block or there may be no gutters to collect water at all. A well designed and functioning roof drain system is essential to the long term integrity of the structure and its surroundings. Malfunctioning roof drain systems can cause water to be concentrated or directed to areas that you don’t want, like a crawl space or basement. Serious property damage can result from misdirected roof runoff.

Older pipe systems that fail may need cleaning, repair in damaged locations and sometimes complete replacement. Some roof drain systems go to dry wells or other infiltration systems. Dry wells and other systems that infiltrate water into the ground can have a variable life span depending on how they were originally constructed and how they are maintained. Failing dry wells can cause water to back up into and out of the roof drain system.

There is often more than one solution to a failed roof drain system. It could be a repair or a new roof drain system, disconnection of the roof drain system from the city storm or combined sewer system, routing to a rain barrel or larger rainwater harvesting system or to a rain garden.

Drainage Masters staff are experienced at finding the appropriate solution to your drainage problem and can offer you the widest range of approaches that solve your problem, fit your budget and offer additional benefits such as water reuse or attractive landscape.

If you are experiencing problems with you roof drain system Drainage Masters can investigate all or a portion of your roof drain system to determine the cause of the problem. We will then prepare a free estimate or estimates for alternative options. Sometimes the pipes just need cleaning. Drainage Masters can clean and check your entire roof drain system for a reasonable cost.
Roof Drain Installation - Roof Installation in Vancouver, WA
Roof Drains - Roof Installation in Vancouver, WA
Drains - Roof Installation in Vancouver, WA
Channel Drains - Roof Installation in Vancouver, WA


Driveways often suffer from or create certain drainage problems. Water may be flowing down the driveway toward the garage, ruts may be forming from runoff flowing down the driveway. Water may pool at the edge of or in the center of the driveway pad.

Drainage Masters can regrade and smooth your driveway, install channel drains or catch basins or regrade the ditch.swale next to the driveway. We can also install new or repair damaged cross culverts.

Drainage Masters has the equipment and the expertise to improve and correct any driveway associated problems. If paving or pavement repair is required as part of the project, Drainage Masters can hire quality subcontractors or provide referrals for customers. Small patching jobs we usually do ourselves.

If you are experiencing driveway drainage issues, call or email us for an appointment. We’ll provide a professional evaluation and an effective solution to the problem.
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Channel Drains - Driveways in Vancouver, WA
Catch Basin - Driveways in Vancouver, WA


Drainage Masters can install beautiful and functional retaining walls to improve your landscape drainage issues. While Drainage Masters is primarily a drainage contractor and not a landscape contractor, we have developed the skill to install attractive retaining walls and other hardscapes such as flagstone patios, concrete paver and gravel walkways and other landscape features.

Many drainage solutions benefit from grading and retaining wall construction. Most of the retaining walls we install incorporate a french drain system. Retaining walls may be constructed of natural boulders or manufactured stone products. Regrading of sloping yards or widening existing level yard areas may require construction of a retaining wall. Our walls are constructed to maximize drainage, minimize erosion and assure proper soil retention.
Call Drainage Masters today to arrange an appointment for a free estimate. We can evaluate your drainage needs and provide you with a functional and attractive solution to your drainage issues.
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Cottage Stone Retaining wall - Retaining walls in Vancouver, WA
Retaining wall near grass - Retaining walls in Vancouver, WA
Retaining wall with French Drains - Retaining walls in Vancouver, WA
Retaining wall with drain - Retaining walls in Vancouver, WA